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Live In Peace, All My Dear Babes of God

By George Fox

      Live in peace, all my dear babes of God (1656)

      Live in peace, all my dear babes of God, one with another, for patience obtains the crown, and hath the victory. And in pureness live over the deceit, and answer the witness of the Lord God in every one. And keep in the seed and life of the Lord God, that ye may feel the blessing of the Lord God amongst you and upon you.

      And that which doth let you see your sins, in that stand, and ye will see your saviour, who was before the world was, him by whom the world was made, "glorified with the father before the world began;" he will be your rest and stay.

      Dear friends, dwell in the seed of God, and know it in you all, that ye may know it to reign, which is the heir of power; and in that live and dwell, and in it keep your meetings.

      And we must have the patience to bear all manner of evil done or spoken against us for Christ's sake, and rejoice at it.


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