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That With The Light, They May See Their Salvation

By George Fox

      An Epistle To Friends, That With The Light They May See Their Salvation. (1655)

      Friends, - All to the light, which Jesus Christ hath enlightened you withal, take heed, that with the light of Christ, the saviour of your souls, ye may all come to see and enjoy rest; and the new covenant ye may all witness, where ye need no man to teach you, saying, know the Lord. And this light shows you sin, and the evil of the world, and the lust of it, and the vain fashions of it, that pass away, and the unrighteousness, the ungodliness of it it; for they are not in covenant with God, but are contrary to the light, and to be condemned with the light. Therefore to the light I direct you, that it with ye may see yourselves. then in it stand, that with it ye may see Jesus, from whence it comes. And join not with your vain thoughts, nor that which doth consult, and set and frame ways; there is the idol maker, and the image maker, and the founder of the images, whom ye will see with the light, if ye take heed to it. And so, the founder of the image will be destroyed, and with that ye will come to hear the voice of the son of God; and who hears his voice shall live. And Stephen, who was stoned to death, witnessed the substance, and Moses' words fulfilled, who said, "Like unto me will God raise up a prophet, him shall ye hear." He heard this prophet, and denied the first temple and priests; and so, to deny that which God had commanded was more than to deny these which God never commanded. Therefore consider in your life time, how much time ye have spent in hearing them, and what assurance ye have of the eternal inheritance that never fades away!


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