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Fear Not The Powers of Darkness

By George Fox

      Fear Not the Powers Of Darkness (1653)

      Friends, - Fear not the powers of darkness, but keep your meeting, and meet in that which keeps you over them; and in the power of God ye will have unity.

      And dwell in love and unity with one another, and know one another in the power of an endless life, which doth not change. And know the second Adam, the Lord from heaven, which is above the first Adam, the earthly, where all strife and transgression is. And all Friends everywhere, be faithful in the life and power of God, and keep your meetings (above all the world) in that which changeth not, that nothing but Christ may reign among you, the power of God, and wisdom of God, the sanctification and redemption; that the just over all may reign, and the seed of God may have the dominion in you all; that with that ye may all be ordered to the glory of God, and kept in the bond of peace, and reign i the live of God, (which is out of the iniquity, and rejoiceth not in it,) which thinks no evil. And have this love shed abroad in all your hearts, and feel it abiding in you; which love of God edifies the body. and know the word of God abiding in you, which was in the beginning, and brings to the beginning; which word being ingrafted, it saves the soul, and hammers down, and throws down, and burns up that which wars against it.


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