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O Friends! Keep Close to the Light

By George Fox

      O Friends! Keep Close To The Light (1652)

      O Friends! keep close to the light in you, and do not look forth at words that proceed from a vain and light mind; but at the power of word. for the words of God, that proceed from him, are powerful and mighty in operation, to the throwing down of all the strong holds of the man of sin. The Lord is coming in power, to gather his chosen ones to himself, and to judge and condemn the wicked ones for evermore. He will plague the beast, and burn the whore, and plague and torment the disobedient, the rebellious, and backsliders very sore. Therefore, ye that know the voice of the Lord, hearken to it, and see how ye stand in his fear, and how ye are brought into the obedience of the truth. And take heed of looking forth at man; but keep close to that, and guided by that; and being guided by that, it will keep you clear and pure to receive the teaching of the Lord. Have salt in yourselves, and let your words be few and seasoned, that they may be savoury. And watch over one another in love, and walk in wisdom and sobriety, and gravity, and sincerity, in purity, and cleanness. And keep free from deceit, and have no fellowship with the unfruitful words of darkness, but rather reprove them. And be faithful to the Lord; walk so that the world may be confounded and ashamed, when they speak evil of you, as evil doers; walking in humbleness, lowliness, and uprightness before them, it will take away all just occasion of speaking evil against the truth. And be bold and valiant for the truth, and press forward, towards the mark of the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus, and let no man take your crown.

      Dear Friends, watch over one another in love, and stir up that which is pure in one another, and exhort one another daily. And the Lord keep you all in his fear, and in his obedience now and evermore!


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