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That Which is Set Up by the Sword

By George Fox

      That Which Is Set Up By The Sword (1652)

      Friends, - that which is set up by the sword, is held up by the sword; and that which is set up by spiritual weapons, is held up by spiritual weapons, and not by carnal weapons. The peacemaker hath the kingdom, and is in it; and hath dominion over the peace-breaker, to calm him in the power of God.

      And friends, let the waves break over your heads. There is rising a new and living way out of the north, which makes the nations like waters. Hurt not the vines, nor the oil, nor such as know that "the earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof." The days of virtue, love, and peace, are come and coming, and the Lamb hath and had the kings of the earth to war withal, who will overcome with the sword of the spirit, the word in his mouth; for the Lamb shall have the victory.

      And are not some like Ephraim, with a miscarrying womb? which have not brought forth the substance, the birth form above; but have brought forth children to murder?


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