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To His Parents

By George Fox

      To His Parents (1652)

      Dear father and mother in the flesh, but not of that birth which speaks to you: for like to that which doth beget, is that which is begotten. Praises, praises be given to my heavenly Father, who hath begotten me again by the immortal word.

      To that of God in you both I speak, to beseech you both for the Lord's sake, to return within, and wait to hear the voice of the Lord there; and waiting there, and keeping close to the Lord, a discerning will grow, that ye may distinguish the voice of the stranger, when ye hear it. Oh! be faithful! Look not back, nor be too forward, further than ye have attained; for ye have no time, but this present time: therefore prize your time for your souls' sake. And so, grow up in that which is pure, and keep to the oneness; then shall my joy be full. So fare ye well! And the Lord God of power keep you in his power! To him be praises for evermore.


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