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How Did Jesus Work?

By Charles Price

      . . . In each statement He is saying it was the activity of the Father that made His work what it was. ". . . . It is the Father living in Me, who is doing His work" (John 14:10). The explanation for all that Jesus was and did was the Father "living in Me, and who is doing His work." Jesus fulfilled His role as a Man on the understanding that God's presence and activity was indispensable to being a true man.

      . . . . Man has been created in such a way that his ability to be what man is intended to be is the presence of God within him and the power of God released through him. Man is no more capable of functioning in independence of God than a light bulb is in independence of electricity. . . Hence, the Lord Jesus Christ said to His disciples: "Apart from Me you can do nothing." That is why, living as a Man, Jesus had to say: "The Son can do nothing by Himself." As we are brought back into a relationship with God, we receive by His presence within us all that we need to be what human beings were intended to be. We become like bulbs connected to the electric current, and the purpose of our creation can be restored. Therefore, if apart from God we can do nothing, the presence and work of God makes something inevitable, "For nothing is impossible with God" (Luke 1:37).

      To be indwelt by God, giving Him the freedom to be at work in us and through us, makes "nothing" an impossibility. Before, it was impossible to do anything, now it is impossible to do nothing! . . . Outside of God, "nothing" is inevitable, but in a true and functioning relationship with God, "nothing" is impossible. Our lives inevitably accomplish nothing, or it becomes impossible to accomplish nothing.

      It is wonderful to know that having been forgiven of our sin, being indwelt by God and giving Him the freedom to direct our lives, give us our orders, and empowers us by His Spirit, we now spend our time knowing that nothing is impossible! God is doing something, our lives do have significance, and things are being accomplished that are of eternal value. If Jesus could say, "Apart from Me you can do nothing," the apostle Paul later wrote, "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength" (Phil. 4:13). By "everything" he means . . . all God has planned and intends for him is possible in the strength of Jesus Christ. Outside of Christ, nothing is inevitable. At the end of time, we will stand before God with empty hands. In Christ, nothing is impossible. At the end of time we will stand full of gratitude for all that God has chosen to do. Are you living a life where nothing is inevitable, or are you enjoying the life where nothing is impossible?

       (Christ for Real, pp. 29-31).

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