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In the Day of Thy Power: Foreword by Duncan Campbell

By Arthur Wallis


      The Scriptural Principles of Revival
      By Arthur Wallis

      It is with very real pleasure that I accede to the request of my friend, Arthur Wallis, to write a foreword to his book "In the Day of Thy Power". I first met the author on the Island of Lewis in the autumn of 1951. The fellowship of that hour and the impression made linger with me as a most fragrant memory.

      Mr. Wallis's book is a powerful plea for the recognition of the supernatural in the realm of revival. While recognizing man's responsibility as the human agent, attention has been called again and again to the utter futility of human effort apart from the mighty manifestation of divine power.

      How many today are really prepared to face the stark fact that we have been out-manoeuvred by the strategy of hell, because we have tried to meet the enemy on human levels by human strategy? In this we may have succeeded in making people church-conscious, mission- conscious, or even crusade-conscious, without making them God-conscious. This book will, I trust, act as a corrective to help to bring the church back to a true recognition of the basic fact that revival must ever be related to righteousness, and that the way to a revived church is still the way of repentance and true holiness.

      What I saw of the movings of God in the Hebrides during the past few years is in keeping with the revival called for in this book, and that is why I consider its publication now to be most timely.

      Readers will do well to ponder the contents of Charter Two, "A Sign Spoken Against". Here Mr. Wallis cuts right across the popular approach and appeal. How arresting are his words: "If we find a revival that is not spoken against, we had better look again to ensure that it is a revival."

      The effect upon the world of the divine operation in the regeneration of the soul is still the same, "To the Jews a stumbling block, and to the Greeks foolishness"; but the divine appeal does not change, "If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me."

      There is no other way, and that is the truth this book proclaims, and my prayer is that God may use it to speed the day for which we long, when "the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose".


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