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The acts of the sinful nature are obvious (Galatians 5:19 NIV).

By Robert Wurtz II

      Obvious? Wherein could they not be known?

      In response to your question as to who I am referring to with the issue of pride and resistance by God- it is for ANY reader who may think they stand, or pretend to stand, and yet have secret sin in their life. Only you know if this is true; but knowing the word of God as I do I understand full well what it takes to walk in VICTORY over sin. Perchance you would not view it as a rebuke, but an opportunity to change and walk in that victory that we speak of (in concepts and words and theory). From your first post I saw no apology or attempt to reconcile. I sat back and waited. It never came. You have an overlyrealized eschatology if you believe that we do not have to "put off" the old man my friend. No different than those who believe that sickness and disease must be healed this side of eternity. All things become new? Yes it does and will be completed at the resurrection and we hope and groan for that day. But I still get sick and deal will the effects of original sin. Why would you suggest to readers on this forum that they need not concern themselves with dealing with the flesh when many of them are likely struggling with all sorts of fleshly sins? You speak plainly? I can also. I have debated with men much greater than myself and when they were wrong they were wrong and it made no difference. Ironically you take a somewhat Jewish position on the issue of sin nature.

      It is obvious from reading the posts that my arguments have been left as if they were nothing. It took many years for me to come to terms with these issues. Following my well reasoned argument is not something that can be discovered in hours. I am working to the end of dealing with sin as it still exerts a tremendous influence on readers on this forum. Not just EXTERNALLY but also INTERNALLY. Who would disagree?

      It is you CHOICE whether you walk in the Spirit and not fulfill the desires of the flesh (Galatians 5). How could you argue that flesh in this sense means sinless human nature when they are attributes that all deal will sin? To preach such is to preach another Gospel (Galatians 1) that Paul that did not preach. He clearly taught to walk in the Spirit and we will not be under the law, etc.. Keep in mind that the term "the flesh" is a biblical one and not my invention. Who could argue from Galatians 5 that there are not two opposing natures that we must choose from?

      You say that you have sinned. Then were you tempted from without or within or both? Did the devil himself appear to you and offer you the Kingdoms of this World? Of coarse not. He didn't need to do that. All he had to do was arouse your sin nature that we RECKON ourselves to be dead to by faith and walk in HOPE of the glory of God. Again, a hope that is seen, why do we yet hope for it?

      It is not a glory to God to suggest things are now past that have not yet happened. The restoration of all things is a future event. Who shall deliver me from the body of this death oh wretched man that I am?

      If you desire to argue the non-existence of the flesh (sin nature) I will not respond to you directly again. My arguments are already in place and need no further explaination. '

      One thing to ask yourself. Do you have secret sin? Are you addicted to something and cannot let it go? Do you keep giving way to easily besetting sins? or are your near sinless? Are you proud? How is your love? The wisdom that is from above is first pure and peaceable and gentle. Full of mercies and good fruits. Is that the tone of your ministry and posts on this forum? Are you motivated by love?

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