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The Law of Sin

By Robert Wurtz II

      The law of sin is the law that governs the sin nature. It is in our members (Romans 7:23). The law of God is the law that governs the born again nature and it is resident in our 'inward man' (Romans 7:22). The law of the Spirit in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death (Romans 8:2). The law of sin is a mechanism that causes one who is of their father the devil to desire to rebel against EVERYTHING God says. This is why simply being 'under the law' can only serve as a school master to teach us our need for Christ (Galatians 3:24). The law is good if it is used lawfully and that is for the purpose of concerting the soul (Psalm 19). Paul said he was alive once until the commandment came, but when the commandment came sin revived and he died (Romans 7:5-11). What did he mean? He looked real spiritual until God gave Him a commandment and then that law of sin within him revived and he 'died.' The laws of God can only give an impenitent sinner something to rebel against. It exposes the fact that Original Sin is present. If God were to tell a person to rest all day on Saturday, even though most humans are LAZY by nature they would and have rebelled against such a rule. Why? Because they are governed by the law of sin. The Law of Moses is holy and just and good, but it has no power to save, it can only reveal the sin nature (law of sin) that is resident in all the unregenerate and is yet present until physical death in the redeemed.

      The pattern:

      The commandment comes- rebellion rises up and we are exposed as having the nature of rebellion that the devil has. The sin nature braces itself against the laws of God and pushes against them. Hence an impenitent sinner is "fulfilled" by rebelling against God. This is why David said that his sin was against God alone. Everyone else involved were merely innocent bystanders. As for the regenerate who walk in the Spirit (light) our 'meat' is to do the will of our heavenly Father. When the commandment of Christ comes we see it as an opportunity to please our Father and with great desire and compulsion we do His will. A sinner has a nature to rebel. It is OUR NATURE to do the Father's will once we are born again (His seed remaineth in him and he cannot sin because he is born of God). If we do sin, it is no longer I Paul said (the born again person) that does it, but sin that still dwelleth in me. It is that other law (the law of sin) that is working in our members causing us to feel like wretched men and women. This MUST be rightly dealt with as the Children of God. (See section that included the word ADOKIMOS).

      Dualism and Scourging

      You can beat yourself over the back with a belt, as did many in the Middle Ages and not get the flesh one more inch into subjection. You can sleep on a rock pillow and eat bland food every day and still have trouble with the flesh. You can even sit atop poles for months secluded as did the pole people in the days of Monasticism. Why? Because the problem is not the body it is the sin nature that is attached to the body. The body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. By analogy it would be like having two operating systems on your computer. The 'old one' and the 'new one.' The old one was bent fully towards sin and the new one is bent fully towards righteousness. Its almost like the old one keeps trying to start itself up all the time and you have to keep hitting the cancel button. Would you like to start the flesh... 'YES' or 'CANCEL.' If you keep hitting cancel you'll be ok; but if you are allowing things into your heart that bend your will towards clicking 'Yes' there will be some serious problems. One the flesh starts up- it is often pretty hard to get is shut back down. And if you start running in 'flesh' mode all the time and just clicking back to 'born again' mode when your at church you are that 'Double Minded Man' that is UNSTABLE in all his ways. Double minded means 'two spirited.' Stay away from the weights and sins that make you want to click 'YES' shut down the TV or other devices that are WEIGHING on your decision to do right.

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