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Showers on the Grass: Preface

By J.G. Bellet


      Being a few brief letters & papers,
      addressed to C. E. M. Paul, of Exeter,


      the late J. G. Bellett, of Dublin.

      London: G. Morrish, 24,
      Warwick Lane, Paternoster Row, E. C.

      "My doctrine shall drop as the rain, my speech shall distil as the dew, as the small rain upon the tender herb, and as the showers upon the grass."--Deut. 32: 2.


      It has been a pleasant recreation to gather up and arrange these few simple papers for the press. There is living water here. The heart testifies to the unvarying freshness of the matter.

      The reader will quickly perceive that there does not exist any special narrative interest in the letters--they are given for the sake of the touching sympathy and hallowed tone expressed in them. How truly they were found to the patient and tried one to whom they were addressed to be as showers upon the grass.

      May the Master be pleased to use them for spiritual refreshment to any whose lot may be cast in a similar path of affliction.

      C. McA.
      London, 1865.

      LETTER 1.

      Leamington, Aug. 12, 1839.

      I trust His own peace has been keeping you abundantly, as it has been wont to do, and as, I doubt not, it will keep you to the end. I trust He has been giving you some sweet, and rich kidneys of wheat at times, some happy little cups full of fresh milk from the pure word of His grace. It will be happy, beloved, when you know the fresh and over-flowing springs that rise in Himself. Jesus is to be your prophet even in the glory. There He will feed your still enlarging thoughts with Himself, as here He has begun to do. The Lamb that is in the midst of the throne shall feed you even then as now. Love Him, dear sister, for He is worthy; and your delighted eyes by and by will be satisfied with His beauty, as your ears are listening to His praise from the great congregation.

      Let us now meditate together on a little Scripture.

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