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With New Testament Eyes: Foreward & Acknowledgements

By Henry Mahan

      With New Testament Eyes
      Pictures of Christ in the Old Testament

      A Work
      Henry Mahan


      WHILE it is a difficult task to comment on my pastor and father, and those books of his being recorded in this volume, I do consider it a high honor and a privilege. Although this foreword will most certainly be perceived by some as merely from a personal (familial) standpoint, yet, I can truly say, I consider this man my pastor first. Scripture tells us 'render honor to whom honor is due', and to 'Remember them which have the rule over you, who have spoken unto you the Word of God: whose faith follow . . .' Therefore, I consider it a privilege and a duty to honor and remember him in this way.

      As my faithful pastor and teacher for over 50 years, it was that faithfulness that most stands out to me in the ministry of Henry Mahan. He was (and still is) faithful in the clear and consistent exposition of God's Word, which alone 'is able to make thee wise unto salvation.' It was this 'preaching of the Word, in season and out of season' that the Lord used to bless so many over the years and me in particular. The commentaries are the compilation of years of Bible studies in the local church of which brother Mahan was pastor, and of which I was a member and eventually an elder. It was these studies from God's Word that can be looked back upon as the means which God used to build that church and produce several preachers and teachers as well. In the early 1980's, a 'Preacher's School' was established by brother Mahan, with a dozen or so young men in attendance. In that school the thing most impressed upon us was the plain, consistent, and faithful exposition of Scripture. Most of those men learned that lesson well. I hope I have.

      These short Bible commentaries are the result of brother Mahan gleaning several more lengthy commentaries of John Gill, Matthew Henry, Matthew Poole, John Calvin and others, as well as from personal experience in the word. He has done the hard work for us of bringing out the best and shortest explanation of a passage. They are the first to which I turn when in need of the clearest, most concise meaning. When first printed, a self-proclaimed scholar, in an attempt to criticize them, actually complimented them when he said, 'They are too simple, and only say what the scripture says.'

      After the New Testament commentaries, several studies of the Old Testament pictures and types of Christ followed. As with the commentaries, these are especially useful for the same purpose. These pictures of Christ bring the reader straight to the point of seeing Christ in scripture. Someone who has never seen these beautiful and amazing types of Christ will be greatly blessed, as well as those who study them over again. My pastor use to say, 'No type can stand on four legs.' By that he meant, no one type or picture can perfectly represent the Lord Jesus Christ and his great work of salvation. That is why there are so many. However, the ones included in this volume are some of the standards and the most fundamental to the faith. From the 'woman's seed' in Genesis to the 'Messenger of the covenant' in Malachi, Christ is clearly set forth in these commentaries. It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend these works to the preacher, teacher or anyone looking for a true, clear, and easy to read help in their study of God's Word. May the Lord continue to bless this effort until he comes.

      -- Paul Mahan, Pastor, Central Baptist Church, Rocky Mount, Virginia


      The members of Grace Baptist Church of Danville, Kentucky consider it a great honor to have the works of Pastor Henry Mahan reprinted. We wish to acknowledge the contributions of many who have made it possible for us to do so. A special 'thank you' must be given to Evangelical Press for their kind permission to reprint the works originally produced and distributed by them.

      Bro. Mahan personally asked that his dear friend and ours, Missionary Bill Clark be acknowledged. Bro. Clark, now with the Lord, was a faithful servant of our God, who labored tirelessly for the furtherance of the gospel around the world. It was Bro. Clark who persuaded Pastor Mahan to give Evangelical Press the rights to his commentaries.

      The original books published by Evangelical Press and the other materials contained in these volumes were printed before computers were in common use. Consequently, all the material had to be scanned from the printed page, converted to text, and corrected. Bro. Ron Thompson (Ashland, Kentucky) and Brenda Davis (Louisa, Kentucky) scanned the material, did the text conversions, and made the necessary corrections.

      Peter Meney, editor of New Focus magazine and of GO Publications, and pastor of Egglesburn Baptist Chapel, Eggleston Barnard Castle, in England did the cover design. The picture on the front cover was contributed by Michael Bertrand of Friday Harbor, Washington. Other members of our congregation who must be acknowledged for their contributions include Susan Grant and Michelle Augustine who carefully proof read the manuscripts.

      I cannot sufficiently thank these faithful servants of our God for all they have done to assist in the production of these volumes.

      Donald S. Fortner, Pastor, Grace Baptist Church of Danville, KY

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