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Children's Edition of Touching Incidents: Introduction and Preface

By S.B. Shaw

      Children's Edition





      For many years in our work among children, we have felt the need of something similar to this book.

      The cuts are made especially for this work. Pictures in this book will suggest thoughts of God and heaven and awaken desires to live pure lives which will sooner or later result in the salvation of many of our young readers. God bless all our readers.
            --S. B. Shaw

      We are sure these stories will interest you children (and most older people, too). Especially good and true stories like these. In all that we have selected there are precious lessons of kindness and sympathy and obedience, gratitude, courage, and faithfulness: then there are two other very important lessons which I wish you to learn. The first is that children can be and should be true Christians, that is, have their sins forgiven for Jesus' sake and their hearts changed so that they love God and the right and hate everything that is wrong. The second lesson is that we must be Christians to be ready to live or ready to die. You will find in this book several accounts of happy deaths of Christian children, and you will find also much that tells of the good done by happy Christian children that lived.
            --Mrs. S. B. Shaw.


      When I was a little girl about nine years old, my mother gave me the book, "Touching Incidents and Remarkable Answers To Prayer," for children. This book was published by Brother and Sister Shaw.

      I still have that book, which is about fifty-nine years old, and I have enjoyed the stories it contained many times. One time while teaching a Sunday School class I gave them each one of these books. They liked them very much, but there came a time when you could not buy these books, as other modern books took their place. But I feel that books like this one are still needed, and I am sure that if Brother and Sister Shaw were living they would like to see the stories sent out again to the children. We are adding a few more true stories.

      So we are praying God's blessings upon this book and dedicating it to the memory of Brother and Sister Shaw who printed the first book in 1895.

            Yours in Him,
            Laura M. Conkle

      (This dedication was written in 1955 for the first reprint edition.)

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