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One God! One Majesty!

By Frederick William Faber

      One God ! One Majesty!
      There is no God but Thee!
            Unbounded, unextended Unity!

      Awful in unity,
      O God! we worship Thee,
            More simply one, because supremely Three!

      Dread, unbeginning One!
      Single, yet not alone,
            Creation hath not set Thee on a higher throne

      Unfathomable Sea!
      All life is out of Thee,
            And Thy life is Thy blissful Unity.

      All things that from Thee run,
      All works that Thou hast done,
            Thou didst in honor of Thy being One.

      And by Thy being One,
      Ever by that alone,
            Couldst Thou do, and doest, what Thou hast done.

      We from Thy oneness come,
      Beyond it cannot roam,
            And in Thy oneness find our one eternal home.

      Blest be Thy Unity !
      All joys are one to me,--
            The joy that there can be no other God than Thee!

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