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A Day of Delighting

By Warren Wiersbe

      Read Psalm 16:1-11
      This is a psalm of delight. We find no trials or tribulations in this song. David is simply delighting, first of all, in the Lord. "You are my Lord, my goodness is nothing apart from You" (v. 2). In other words, he is saying, "I have no good beyond God."

      Then David delights in the Lord's people. "And to the saints who are on the earth, 'They are the excellent ones, in whom is all my delight'" (v. 3). Do you delight in God's people? "To live above with saints we love will certainly be glory. To live below with saints we know, that's another story." Are some of God's people becoming abrasive to you? Start delighting in the Lord, and you'll start delighting in His people.

      David also delights in God's providence. "You, O Lord, are the portion of my inheritance and my cup; you maintain my lot. The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places" (vv. 5,6). God, in His providence, knows where to draw the line. Problems arise when people don't know where His lines are. They want to keep moving the line. Let God give you your inheritance. When Israel went into the Promised Land, He gave each tribe its inheritance. It wasn't done by a real estate agent or by a lottery. God said, "Here are the lines. Maintain those lines." Do you want to delight in God and in His people? Then delight in His providence.

      David also finds delight in God's pleasures. Verse 11 has been my life verse for many years. "You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore." Do you want life and joy? Here's the secret: Live on God's path, live in His presence and live for His pleasures.

      You have much to delight in--God's people, His providence and His pleasures. The key to delighting in the things of God is to delight in God Himself. Sometime today take a moment to simply delight in the Lord and praise Him for who He is.

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