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The Believer's Security System

By Charles Stanley

      2 Peter 2:18-21

      While every child of God has a built-in "spiritual security system," some Christians are far more vulnerable than others to spiritual predators. False teachers, or "wolves in sheep's clothing," will seek out young and immature believers and exploit their ignorance. The wolves also hunt down people with unresolved guilt in an effort to salve their consciences with false remedies. Anyone who fails to confess and forsake sin according to Scripture remains highly susceptible to the Enemy's trickery.

      Another group of people at risk of seduction are those who have gained a head knowledge of Jesus and religious practices but have not followed through in genuine discipleship. They may be church members and they may even be baptized, but something is missing. They have no root in true godliness and end up entangled in a worse state than before.

      Fortunately, the believer is equipped to avoid these potholes. We have a security system designed to protect us if we keep it well tuned. First and foremost, we have to continually saturate our minds with God's Truth. In so doing, we will eventually develop a mental grid that reacts in alarm when something false comes our way. In this manner, we become rooted and grounded in the truth.

      Along with exposure to Scripture, we must learn to personally know and listen to the Holy Spirit. He enables us to have a discerning spirit, and He will educate our conscience to provide timely warnings when we start down the wrong path. We can escape the snares of the Devil and rest secure in Jesus.

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